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Caregiver Resources

Caregivers, here is a list of some of my FAVORITE resources that are there for you along the caregiver journey. I will list experts, family caregivers, companies that are here to support you and more!

Carewell provides peace of mind at uncertain times. They sell all the trusted brands you need, at amazing competitive prices. I trust Carewell because I know they are here to help. They are family founded and woman led - and have a 7 day a week customer service line committed to helping caregivers beyond finding the right products. I am so lucky to be working with Carewell and look forward to this journey with them. 

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Dr. Natali Edmonds is my favorite resource for caregivers! She has built the most incredible community of Careblazers, with over 90k and counting. Dr. Natali is a board certified geropsychologist and she empowers caregivers while providing vital information, specialized support and resources. 

Joy For All companion pets by Ageless Innovation is one of my favorite products ever! I've always been a dog person and so I can only imagine how difficult it must be when you can no longer care for an animal. These companion pets are soft, they make noises and move their bodies, they are truly incredible. They were recently featured on the NBC show, “This is Us”. These amazing animals bring so much joy to the dementia community.

Check them out here!


This is my incredible employer. I have been in love with the iN2L system since 2016 when I first got my hands on one while working in memory care. iN2L stands for It’s Never Too Late…never too late to live, engage, learn and have fun! I love having the honor of traveling to various facilities across our country teaching staff about what the iN2L has to offer. They are changing the game of engagement and person centered care. The merger with LifeLoop is an exciting one, as LifeLoop adds in the other side of person centered care by connecting families and professionals. If you work in a senior living facility of any kind, definitely check us out and if you want to learn about our tablets for home use, message

Teepa Snow is my FAVORITE dementia care expert. She is the original advocate in this community. I aspire to follow in her footsteps. Follow her on TikTok, Instagram and on her website


Joe & Bella is an adaptive clothing company! I am so excited about this company because they are making trendy clothes that encourage independence. Their story is inspirational and I highly recommend checking them out.

Use "Darling" to get 10% off your first order


Saltbox TV

This is essentially Netflix for Seniors and its FREE!! Run don't walk to get this resource for your loved one and yourself! Enjoy exercise classes, classic and original shows/movies, caregiver and family education and MORE!

Saltbox TV Website

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