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Dementia Darling caregiver support

I'm Carrie Aalberts, also known as Dementia Darling, and my journey in dementia care is deeply rooted in personal experience. It all started when my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, and I witnessed my father taking on the role of her family caregiver. This profound connection sparked my dedication to improving the lives of those impacted by dementia. My passion and dedication has only solidified more as I have made my way through my career.

Backed with a Master of Science specializing in Gerontology and over a decade of experience in intergenerational adult day centers, memory care, Agetech, and more, I've become a well versed professional. Dementia Darling isn't just a title for me; it's a sanctuary for caregivers – a place offering support, education, and a nurturing community. I want to be that cheerleader in their corner and the virtual hug when they need it most.

In my role as a Care Advisor at Eugeria, I'm at the forefront of introducing dignified innovations that illuminate the path of the dementia journey.

My professional goal is to enhance the quality of life for the dementia community. I look forward to connecting with our incredible industry and making the future of aging a better reality for us all!

Let's connect on social platforms: @dementiadarling on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Together, we can shape a brighter future for caregivers and those they serve.

I am a proud member of the AgeTech Collaborative From AARP and on the Care Squad with Hilarity for Charity (HFC).

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