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Important tip for memory care staff and beyond!

Caring for people living with dementia can be challenging, especially when they become upset or agitated. Here are some essential tips to handle these situations with empathy and understanding.

When Someone Gets Upset

If a resident becomes upset with a staff member, it’s crucial to remain calm. They will feel your mood/vibe! Take a moment to breathe and, if possible, switch out the caregiver. Introducing a new face can often diffuse tension and make the resident feel more at ease.

Agree with Their Reality

Dementia can alter a person's perception of reality. Instead of correcting them, agree with their version of events. This approach can prevent further agitation and helps in building trust.

Actively Listen

Actively listening to residents, even if what they are saying doesn’t make sense, is vital. It shows that you value their feelings and experiences, which can significantly reduce their frustration.

When an individual living with dementia is angry, acknowledge their emotions. Let them know you understand and are there to support them. You are on their side! This validation can help in calming them down and making them feel heard! We all want to feel seen and heard. Keep this in mind, always!

Providing compassionate care for individuals living with dementia requires patience, empathy, and practical strategies. Remember, it's okay to feel frustrated, but being prepared for these situations can help make them less stressful. Talk through these scenarios with other staff members to help get on the same change and have a plan in place to “have each others backs”!

Share these tips with your team to ensure the best care for your residents.

Thank you for the work that you do!

Images © Dementia Darling

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